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Heating and Air Enclosure or Trash Bin Enclosure

We build enclosures to hide your heating and air units and/or trash cans too!

Dressing Up the Front Yard with a Cute Wood Picket

This cute fence is in the customers front yard near the old town of North Charleston. The spear top pickets are custom cut and are 1"x4" spaced 2" apart.

Porch Bannister

Just give us a picture and our guys can build it. This is our first time building a front porch bannister. We also install their new 4' Wood Picket in their front yard!

Keeping the View

Sometimes you just want a fence to define your boundaries but you really want to keep the view. Here are a few pictures of recent jobs that combine both

4' Living Fence:
4' Wood Privacy transitions from a 6' Wood Privacy:
6' Living Fence:

Roosevelt Estates New Tall and Sturdy Fence

8’ Treated Wood Board on Board (Total Privacy) w/Trim Board and Post Caps, (1) 4’ Walk Gates & (1) 10’ Double Gate. NOTE: 6x6 Posts for all Posts

A Picket at Pine Forest

6’ Treated Wood Scallop Cut Picket Fence with Post Caps, (1) 4’ Walk Gate, 1x6s pickets are spaced 1” apart

A Fresh New Fence in Moultrie Place

Installed approx. 139’ of 6’ Treated Wood Privacy Fence with (1) 4’ Walk Gate and (1) 8’ Double Drive Gate STYLE: Total Privacy (Board on Board) with Trim Board and Post Caps

Cantilever Gate Install for ProBuild

A local business had a need to replace their cantilever gate due to a truck backing up and damaging it beyond repair. We installed a new 6’x37’ Aluminum Cantilever Gate