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A/C Heat Pump Enclosure

Our latest A/C Enclosure Install. It has 3 Sides with Removable Panels for easy access for unit maintenance. The product we use is from Poly Vinyl Creations and the style is Wide Imperial

Whitehall Entrance

Whitehall Subdivision changed out what they had to Poly-Vinyl Creations 4' Baron #3 Picket.

Beautiful Wrought Iron Fencing in Kings Grant

Our customers help us define what we install. Like this one for our friend Jim, this product came from Amazing Gates. The material is hot dipped galvanized and powder coated for maximum longevity. It is a little more expensive than aluminum but a fraction of custom made wrought iron. The Arrow Fence Panel features 2 horizontal frame members and round spear point finials. Fence panel is 7ft. 6in. wide and 5 ft. 5 1/2in. tall with pickets spaced 6 in. apart.

Alumi-Guard Fence makes Safe Fun in Berkeley Run

This 4' Tall Black Powered Coated Alumi-Guard Ascot Style Fence was installed with the posts on plates using concealed fasteners into the concrete around the pool. The gate has a pool code Magna Latch with lock and key. The gate hinges are spring loaded for added safety.