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Alumi-Guard Fence makes Safe Fun in Berkeley Run

This 4' Tall Black Powered Coated Alumi-Guard Ascot Style Fence was installed with the posts on plates using concealed fasteners into the concrete around the pool. The gate has a pool code Magna Latch with lock and key. The gate hinges are spring loaded for added safety.

Dumpster Enclosure Gate

It seems the big garbage trucks that backup to empty out the dumpsters can't help but tag the gates now and then. This is a picture of a recent dumpster enclosure gate we rebuilt for the Trident Executive Village off University Blvd.

This Belle of the Ball 4' Tall Gothic Picket makes a Grand Statement in Belle Hall Plantation, Mt. Pleasant SC

Daniel Island Alternating Height Picket is the Ticket !

We love repeat customers and this one bought another house and had us install a fence that matched the neighbors The descriptive style is: 4' Treated Wood Flat Top Picket with Alternating Heights and pickets are spaced 1.5" apart. We also installed two 4' Walk Gates and one 8' Double Gate. Customer will paint black in a few months. Treated Wood needs to dry out before painting.

Planters Point Newest Picket

This 4' picket has an "arched" cut. The pickets are 1"x4" and spaced 2.5" apart. The posts have been topped off with our custom made post caps.

Out with the Old and In with the New: A Happy Snee Farm Resident

6' Wood Privacy - Style: Dog Ear

Just received another positive feedback email:

Karen & Craig, Thanks so much for getting me worked in the schedule!!! Doug did a great job and the fence looks wonderful! I think the dogs are a bit disappointed, however, since I think they were hoping to get the run of the neighborhood lol!

The Snee Farm HOA had asked me to give them feedback regarding your company since they are looking for another company to recommend if asked by residents for fencing contractors. I have passed on my positive feedback and recommended that your company be given as a referral. It may not result in any more work (or you may not want more work!) but don't be surprised if you are asked for more quotes in this neighborhood - there's 890 homes and a lot of old fences like mine!

Thanks again and I wish you all the best!